What happens when an Android phone is rebooted?

Original Question: What happens if I reset my Android phone to factory settings?

Answer: Your operating system will simply reset and reverse back to new like you just bought it in the first place.

Generally, if you had your phone reset to factory settings, you will lose:

  • Installed apps, and its data (or progress)
  • Contacts
  • Photos stored in your internal storage
  • Videos stored in your internal storage
  • Music stored in your internal storage
  • Documents stored in your internal storage
  • Other files you stored in your internal storage
  • Your tweaks and toggles you made in your settings app
  • Your accounts signed in to your device, such as FB, Google Account, email, Shareit Account, etc.

You can lose all of these if not backed-up.

It will also remove

  • Virus
  • Adware
  • Spyware
  • Slow downs
  • Popups
  • Junk (those who eats your space for nothing)

However, your system will keep:

  • System apps
  • Pre-installed apps (or bloatware, non deletable)
  • Pre-installed apps (deletable)
  • System theme (system launcher, wallpaper, icon, etc.)
  • All your files on your SD Card

Some facts: Android can slow down over time not because manufacturer wants you to buy phone every year, but due to many factors:

  • Rushing mountains of FB and Messenger notifications
  • Adware
  • Malware
  • Spyware
  • Random popups
  • The available storage is less than 500mb
  • Your phone is being hacked
  • You have a suspicious app that you didn't installed
  • You updated your apps to the newer version in which the newer version requires a newer version of the software, and has higher hardware requirements. Cela ne ralentira pas votre appareil, mais vous avez l'impression que l'application que vous avez mise à jour fonctionne plus lentement que d'habitude. C'est dû au fait que la nouvelle version de l'application a des exigences matérielles plus élevées que l'ancienne version installée sur votre appareil.

Ce sont quelques-uns des facteurs pour lesquels votre téléphone est plus lent que d'habitude. Mais au moins, vous pouvez réparer le ralentissement en effectuant une réinitialisation d'usine. Prenez note que la sauvegarde de toutes vos données et fichiers d'abord avant d'effectuer cette action.